Steve Brunner · Jun 5, 2018

InterSystems IRIS Data Platform 2018.1.1 Release

InterSystems is pleased to announce the release of InterSystems IRIS Data Platform 2018.1.1


This is our first follow up to InterSystems IRIS 2018.1.0, released earlier this year.  InterSystems IRIS is a unified data platform for building scalable multi-workload, multi-model data management applications with native interoperability and an open analytics platform.  As a reminder, you can learn more about InterSystems IRIS Data Platform from these Learning Services resources.


Hundreds of fixes have been made in this release:

  • Many changes that will greatly reduce future compatibility issues.
  • Improvements to the documentation, user interface, and packaging to standardize naming of InterSystems IRIS components.
  • Significant reliability improvements to our sharded query processing architecture, as well as unifying all application code into a single database.  This unification eliminates redundancy and the potential for inconsistency, and provides a foundation for sharding and distributed processing across all our data models.


Please read this document for complete details about the supported platforms, including cloud platforms and docker containers.


For those of you who want to get hands-on quickly, we urge you to try out our InterSystems IRIS Experience.  You’ll notice there is a brand new Java experience.


The build corresponding to this release is 2018.1.1.643.0

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To all the InterSystems Engineers. Great job and I am happy to use this product soon in my solutions.

Great, but where is Caché 2018 (or at least the fieldtest) ?

Caché and Ensemble 2018.1 Field Test is coming soon this summer.


We're waiting for Caché 2018 to upgrade all of our instances, because 2017 has issues with ODBC.

...2017 has issues with ODBC

Hi Kurt,

could you drop a few words on the subject: what kind of issues it has?

(Just started moving the clients to 2017.2.1...)


We're having issues with our Delphi-client where it receives empty datasets.

Response fr om WRC : 

The problem was that Delphi switches from read uncommited to read commited mode and we had a problem there with the joins on null values. The fix will be included in the next maintenance kits for 2017.2.x.  The change already went into 2018.1 so it will be in all versions 2018+.

Hi, what issues are you having with ODBC? We have a lot of clients connecting to our Cache DB through ODBC.

Unlike most maintenance releases we've not created separate release notes for this release.  Relevant information has been added directly to the main documents.

Has InterSystems yet published any guidance to help existing Caché or Ensemble users move their code onto IRIS? I haven't yet found that kind of document at

Yes, we maintain an adoption guide that covers exactly that purpose. In order to be able to properly follow up on questions you'd have, we're  making it available through your technical account team (sales engineer or TAM) rather than ship it with the product.

Maybe worth stating that in the product docs?