Marco den Hartog · Jan 6, 2017

NTLM authorization via Ensemble

I am looking for a solution with Ensemble to talk to a old NTLM based SOAP Service. Does anyone has done this before?

We have the webservice calls working via SOAPUI but we are looking how we can make it work with Ensemble.

Is there a ready to use Outbound Adapter for NTLM ?


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I have exactly the same problem.
@Marco: were you able to solve this issue?

Many thankx!!!

I was forgotten this post. We solved it via a custom made proxy that do the NTLM authentication before passing it to Ensemble. This is working well. 

We really tried a lot to get this working but we have now a good working solution that is easily to install. So if you are still interessed I can share it with you.

Hi @Marco den Hartog 

I'm facing the same issue currently. Is it possible to share your results so I could get some leads how to communicate with an NTLM enabled server via Ensemble?


Hi @Marco den Hartog 

Same issue here, to connect to Microsoft Navision which only allowed NTLM for SOAP communication. Can you please share your solution? Thanks!