As it seems that there is not the possibility to do this as of now, we will be talking with InterSystems.

So, to sum up, the best strategy would be to define properties on each of the tables and then also FKs to ensure referential integrity

In our case we have wrapped the cspsessionid in a jwt token, and in our other frontends (we use Zen + React) we validate that the jwt token is valid and we request then to backend to see if it's still valid. Then all the calls are made using this token and via delegated authentication we do the login

As stated by user Mario Sanchez on the spanish community:

The query freezing are based on cached queries, so we can assure that if there are no cached queries there will no be frozen queries. 

Saying that, the best way to be sure to not have frozen queries:

  1. Unfreeze
  2. Purge

It can be that overwriting the LOGIC some queries are automatically purged, and the later would not be needed, but knowing that both steps are fast and clear we can take it as assured.

We (#Roche) will also be very interested in having JReport integrated with IRIS in order to generate pdf files given specific data (i.e.: a screen table, a patient test)