Mathew Lambert · Jun 23, 2020

Best way to implement a one-to-one relationship

I know that 1-1 relationships are not officialy supported by intersystems cache/iris so I want to know the best way to store data with this kind of data model.

Currently I have two classes that where implemented some time ago:

Table A with a relationship type one on table B

Table B with a relationship type one on table A

To compile I have a double compile with qualifyer U.

What is the best way to implement a data model with 1-1 relationships?

Thank you


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The most simple way to do it:
in  class Table.A have 
       Property TableB as Table.B;
in  class Table.B have
                  Property TableA as Table.A;

in your code it may look like this:

set objA=##class(Table.A).%OpenId(212)
set objB=##class(Table.B).%OpenId(99)
set objA.TableB=objB
set objB.TableA=objA
do objA.%Save(), objB.%Save()

You are free to index properties TableA or TableB according to your needs
and you can also use Implicit JOIN between these tables.  

Another option is to use a one-to-many relationship with a Unique index on the "many" side:

Class DC.Demo.OneToOne.ClassA Extends %Persistent

Relationship ClassB As DC.Demo.OneToOne.ClassB [ Cardinality = many, Inverse = ClassA ];


Class DC.Demo.OneToOne.ClassB Extends %Persistent

Relationship ClassA As DC.Demo.OneToOne.ClassA [ Cardinality = one, Inverse = ClassB ];

Index ClassAIndex On ClassA [ Unique ];


Great idea !



The Idea of a one to one is to create a property of the class in each other.

The SQL will allow you to build any table by displaying the ID (not the object)

A Many to Many will not allow the SQL to work


Class one has a property

Property objPointToTwo as  Classname;

Class two has a propery

Property objPointToOne as Classname;

The %Resultset will allow

select ID,objPointToTwo

from ClassName

So, to sum up, the best strategy would be to define properties on each of the tables and then also FKs to ensure referential integrity