Mathew Lambert · Jun 16, 2020

CRUD result callback for persistent classes

I would like to know if there is a way of having a callback or something similar, on persistent classes that is always called after the execution of the operation (failed or successfull).

%OnOpen is executed prior to the action, and there is no post callback

%OnAfterDelete and %OnAfterSave are executed after a successfull operation


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take a look at %Library.Persistent. Methods

  • %Open, %OpenId have a 3rd call parameter status  that returns a %Status value indicating success or failure.
  • %Delete, %DeleteId do it as direct result  by a %Status value indicating success or failure.

No further need of an %On.... to know success or failure 

I know how to obtain the status from the call, but I want to have a method that I can implement in an abstract class, that I inherit in all my persistent classes, and with very few lines of code I can track all CRUD operations.

As all you need is in %Persitent you could have your own personal.persitent extending %persitent
wrapping %Open and %Delete in your own extended code.
3 points to consider:

  • how to force your personal.persitent to all existent and future classes ?
  • how to force classes generated  by DDL ?
  • how to maintain your extension over release changes ?

Sorry, I doubt if this is the right approach

I'm trying to avoid wrapping %persistent methods because

  • this could lead to problems between releses
  • those methods are final (so I would need to wrap them in a different named method

Regarding your points, we don't generate classes via DDL and to force inheritance I would just implement a test and add it to our Persistent classes Best Practices.

Thank you

Ah, getting closer:
The problem seems to reduce to an alternative way (a wrapper around) to %Open and %Delete. 

it isn't the save yet. especially if some UNIQUE conflict prevents the save and requires a Rollback
delete isn't affected at all

As it seems that there is not the possibility to do this as of now, we will be talking with InterSystems.