Until now in caché we where checking $ZERROR, but as InterSystems is descouraging the use of that variable, I don't know how to surely test this command.

The issue with this option is that on a productive environment, inmediately after purguing the queries, I've got new queries.

Class dependency tree builder, this should support dynamic dependencies used.

System configuration. There are so much settings all over the application that it would be great to have a configuratino wizard divided into categories.

Having a configuration tool in the management portal to help with all the settings.

Well this kind of old post revives again... I have two mirror members that say "This member is not connected to the arbiter".

The three machines are in the same subnet, all IPs configured, pings responding...

As it seems that there is not the possibility to do this as of now, we will be talking with InterSystems.

So, to sum up, the best strategy would be to define properties on each of the tables and then also FKs to ensure referential integrity