Arun Kumar · Oct 15, 2018

How to validate the CSP sessionId in another zen pages/restful api's

Hi All,

Actually, I'm developing few restful API's. I want to create a authentication tokens and display it on my login restful API. If I'm using CSP sessionId, how can I validate the session Id's in another or continues restful API's. else, is there any other approach to handle this task. 

My Primary goal is, I have to integrate 2 different front end applications. One is Zen framework another one is web pages from Python. 

If any lead, it would be appreciated. 


Arun Kumar Durairaj. 

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In our case we have wrapped the cspsessionid in a jwt token, and in our other frontends (we use Zen + React) we validate that the jwt token is valid and we request then to backend to see if it's still valid. Then all the calls are made using this token and via delegated authentication we do the login