Eduard Lebedyuk · Jun 7, 2018

Do you use Application Licensing API? How?

Application licensing enables InterSystems application partners to take advantage of Caché’s licensing capabilities for their own licensing purposes.

Caché manages customer application licenses just as it does Caché/Ensemble and InterSystems application licenses, maintaining usage counts and acquiring and returning user licenses as needed.

Application licenses consumed by a process or a CSP session are automatically released along with the Caché license consumed by the process or session when a process exits, halts or is deleted from the process table, or when a CSP session times out or is deleted.

More in docs.

Do you use this feature? If so, how?

I'm especially interested in license validation and general workflows?

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We use the license via a customized page that imports the file, the validation is done by zipping the license file and an expected checksum.

The user workflow is that we link the type of request with the type of license to use in our delegated authentication, consuming depending on the entry endpoint.


If you are still interested: Application licensing doesn't support distributed license accounting; it was the stopper for us as our largest customer is running Cache based application (SP.ARM's HIS qMS) in distributed environment.

Still interested.

Thanks for the info.

Does dedicated license server not support application licenses?

Please look at
query ConnectionAppList()

The data source is the license server. The license server maintains counts of ISC.Appname license sections but does not manage other application license sections. Usage of other license sections can be examined with the ApplicationUserList query which returns license use for all applications on the current Cache instance.

 "...other application license sections" is just our case, so ISC licence server can't help much.