Steve Riddle · Jun 4, 2020

Auditing Software

Hi All,

I am aware of some Auditing software that was made available quite some years ago that I cannot find.

I would like to install it and give it a try. Does anyone know where I can access this software please?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Dimitriy,

No this was definitely software that could be used to audit data changes when class objects were created and amended (and deleted possibly).

From memory it required a pkg.Log class in order to work properly, but I may be wrong.


Thanks Eduard but this is not it either :-(

You mean like some sort of journal analyzer?

You mean change data capture?

we are working with triggers and objectscript to manually implement CDC, not optimal but we can cope with that. 

I think  there should be means to extract those from tx-logs and my coworker has implemented something like that years ago for some customers system.

Google search with Intersystems change data capture gave some hits.