· Oct 15, 2020
Article Content

Hello there,

I am new to the developer community and i intend on writing a new article.

I have a few ideas on what to write but i need to know specifically what kind of content it has to be?

I do not want to update content that is not valid and waste the time.

Please let me know what kind of content am I allowed to post as it will be very helpful for this purpose.

Also if i post something and want to remove it i need to know how i could delete / remove what I have posted, or should I inform the relevant authorities if any on instances as such.

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Hello there Community,

I am so pumped and curious about this platform.

The more I search about it, the more deeper it goes just as the maze.

I followed the following link and it took me to a page where i learnt more on what Global Masters is and also more about the Advocate Hub.

But then I came across an very confusing this named as the Global Masters Gamification Platform.

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Hello there friends,

I am new to DC and I need to advance up my self.

I see that we get awarded with badges and so on through that process.

But i do not exactly get the idea of it.

I see that we have a challenge of becoming the insightful commenter and so on.

I would like some one to help me out with it so that i could get to the next level.


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Hello every one,

I am a rookie and i am willing to gain some experience on IRIS for Health by doing some development.

I went through the website and found only an online development environment.

But I want to take it a step further ahead bu downloading the software for my own and trying something new.

But, unfortunately I did not find a link to download the IRIS for Health.

I would be pleased if there is any one who has the link to help me out with it.

Hoping to hear soon.


Stay Blessed.

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