Hey Developers, just added to the announcement that we prepared prizes for ALL participants of our challenge. Wave me in Comments if you are going to participate (I don't see the names in the poll, unfortunately :)

Hi Muhammad, thanks for reporting on this!

the link you mentioned works for me. Please try to access the same page using > another link <

if it also doesn't work please let me know which product you would like to review and I'll send you a direct link to the product profile on Gartner. Thanks!

Hi Andi, we fixed this bug! pls check it now - the challenges should be available!

Robert, congratulations!!! Points awarded on Global Masters.
Eduard, thank you for the case! 

Hi Alexey, thanks for reporting! Same thing for a few other accounts :( I already reported to the Support team. If you could send me a full-screen recording which shows how an error appears that would help to investigate!