Hi Robert, thank you for the amazing work you do for the community. Your reviews are such a help for all the developers looking for a solution on OEX!

Calling all the developers to join such a practice leaving reviews for the application you tried! That is a great help for all (and good points for you on Global Masters for each review) :) 

Hi David, that's a question for me,
I see your review pending on Global Masters. I checked Gartner for a couple of times, but could not find a published review with the headline you submitted. Could you please DM me the link to the published review so I could approve the challenge for you?
Thank you so much for submitting it!

Thanks to all! So proud of our awesome Developer Community, which is so bright, active, friendly, and supportive to many developers from all parts of the world! I am with the Developer Community since 2016, enjoying it for 5 years already!

Hey developers, just to remind you that only 3 days left to register for this hackathon! Good luck to all who participate!

Hey Developers, just added to the announcement that we prepared prizes for ALL participants of our challenge. Wave me in Comments if you are going to participate (I don't see the names in the poll, unfortunately :)

Hi Muhammad, thanks for reporting on this!

the link you mentioned works for me. Please try to access the same page using > another link <

if it also doesn't work please let me know which product you would like to review and I'll send you a direct link to the product profile on Gartner. Thanks!

Robert, congratulations!!! Points awarded on Global Masters.
Eduard, thank you for the case!