Hi Michael,
Robert is absolutely right, these levels are related to Global Masters Advocate Hub. You can see a description of all levels and how to achieve them in this post.

Congratulations! And congratulations to all the participants - that's awesome work, great applications! 

Hi Developers, just to remind you that you can help each other making pull requests and report about bugs on GitHub to make applications even greater!

On Global Masters we award points: 

  • 500 points for a submitted pull request + 500 bonus points if PR is merged
  • 500 points for a bug report + 2,500 points more if the bug is fixed (closed)

More info about these challenges in this article.

UP: Only 3 days left before end of the survey!

Hurry up to tell us your thoughts and ideas. Let's make Global Masters better together!

Hi Eduard, on the next week we expect a start of delivery in Russia. We will notify you when it's shippedsmiley

Hi Developers,

Please tell us what you think about Developer Community! Your thoughts and ideas are very important for us.