Hi Nigel, 

Yes, this is a worldwide challenge :)  and you can choose your reward: a $25 VISA Digital Card (please check if Prepaid VISA cards are accepted in your country), or we can convert it to 5000 points on GM if you'd like.

We do not have backpacks now, but we'll probably have them later this year. I'll notify you when we get them in stock. Stay tuned on Global Masters and have a wonderful day! smiley

Hi Akshay! So great, thank you! Your reward is opened for you on Global Masters. Happy New Year!

Awesome summary! So great to see the numbers, all the names of developers, applications, benefits! 🤩 Thank you, Yuri, that's so valuable!

Hi Robert, thank you for submitting a review for us! I made some corrections to the challenge, so the link should work for you now. 

Hi Everyone, just to remind that this offer expires soon: on December 3, 2020. Take 5 minutes to submit a review and get 2 gift cards for your time and effort when the review is published!
If you are not a member of Global Masters - feel free to contact me here in DM and I'll guide you on how to get the second gift card from InterSystems.

Hi Developers, 3 days left to enter the challenge! We really need your feedback and your thoughts to make the developer experience as great as possible.

Hi Kevin, thank you for your question. Global Masters and Global Masters Gamification Platform are the same. 
@Timothy Leavitt thank you! The link was broken indeed  - already fixed it 👌 Good day to all!

Hi Vitaliy! Thank you for your question! It's not necessary to have accepted answers. We count all relevant answers, so no actions from an author required. So you can just find any unanswered questions here and publish your answers! The only thing, we count only newly submitted answers published during September 7 - 15, 2020.