Love these articles!! 

Just this addition. If you attended Virtual Summit and have five minutes, please complete our Virtual Summit Evaluation. We use your input to plan future events and summits. I know this because I work in Marketing.

Just got list of presentation titles three if these. Take a look:

Erica Orange

"The Future Begins Now"


Regina Barzilay

"Power and Limitations of Machine Learning Tools for Clinical Applications"


James Collins

"Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare & Biomedicine"

I just tried to upload a flyer for the Global Summit and couldn't. It was a PDF. Can someone help me with this?


I'm not technical, so please forgive my inability to answer this question from reading your post. Is any of the above relevant to a conversion from MapR to IRIS? 

Hi David,

I am the editor of our user newsletter, Developments,  and would like to add an article about the Community Edition. However when I followed your link, there was this message: "This version has been removed and is no longer available to new customers."