· Feb 16, 2018

Can you please fix the 'upload file' button to attach files to posts?

I discovered the upload file button does not appear to work properly but you can still attach files under 'change additional settings'.  Are there plans to fix this?

File Upload Button Screenshot

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There have been times when I have been asked to provide a 'proof-of-concept' or a 'working example' demonstrating a problem or some unexpected behaviour.  With code snippets, it is easy to embed code in a post; however, for more complex examples,  it is beneficial  to download a working example to test the behaviour out for yourself.

Here are some references to posts where I used the 'file upload' feature.

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Hi, Stephen!

Thanks for raising it!

This button with a strange glyph is for uploading images only to be placed in a post.

I forgot, that we left the option to upload files - we plan to turn it off.

Would you please share why do you need the option of file uploading for the posts?

IF there is a good reason we can enhance the feature instead of dropping it.