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Highlights from Day 3 of Data Platforms Focus Sessions

It's a wrap!    All of the focus sessions have aired now.  Of course, all of our 102 pre-recorded focus sessions are available on-demand now, so you can watch any and all of them, even if you missed the opportunity for live Q&A.

Speaking of live Q&A - we've had 6 live sessions, and these too are available for you to watch.  I wrote about this, and how your questions make us better, in a separate blog article. 


Smart Factory Starter Pack   One highlight that got a lot of attention today was the release of the InterSystems IRIS Smart Factory Starter Pack on OpenExchange.  Our partner ITVisors and their customer Vlisco gave a great session about this in "MFG001 Introducing the InterSystems IRIS Smart Factory Starter Pack for Manufacturing" along with our own Joe Lichtenberg.


Containers and Kubernetes  Today, we announced a new, highly secure version of our IRIS container, cleverly name iris-lockeddown, that's perfect for teams using a tightened pod security policy in Kubernetes.  Speaking of Kubernetes, Steve Lubars gave a great demo of our new InterSystems Kubernetes Operator that makes deploying IRIS clusters in Kubernetes a breeze.  And Luca Ravazzolo presented how to configure your IRIS instance with CPF merge files, specifically how to automate mirror configuration. There were several interesting questions that came through too.

To bring it all home, check out this conversation with Jim Howell from Ontario Systems talking about their experiences migrating their legacy monolith to a modern microservices architecture in Kubernetes.


More Analytics:   if you thought we'd have run out of things to say and announce in the analytics arena, think again! Sergey shared our view on in-platform AI and how you can apply continuous integration and delivery by having IRIS orchestrate your Machine Learning operations in "DA014 Best Practices for In-Platform AI". And to close out our Analytics program, Benjamin presented about our emerging collaboration with Alteryx, enabling business analysts and subject matter experts to build analytic workflows with no programming, yet easily promote their work into IRIS. Check out "DA011 Using Alteryx with IRIS to Craft Your Analytics"; You'll be hearing more about this partnership soon.


More VS Code - ObjectScript I talked about this in my <day 1 blog>; today we had some deeper dive sessions around one of the most frequently asked-about topics - source code control "DEE006 Visual Studio Code for ObjectScript: Choosing an IDE/Source Control Combination" and "DEE005 Visual Studio Code for ObjectScript: Server-Side Source Control". I also noticed that folks are diving into the  Experience Lab and giving it rave reviews - give it a try!

I'm particularly excited that we've been able to keep this a true open source community effort while providing a lot of InterSystems core development cycles and the full depth of InterSystems support.  Please get involved in the community and give us feedback!


Yes, even more on FHIR  our FHIR track has been consistently great, and day 3 was no exception.

Russ Leftwich gave a very nice animated drawing, which sketched all the way from the roots of FHIR to the present day, including all most recent InterSystems FHIR technology. "FH008 FHIR: Healthcare Data Standard Designed for the Future" is the best 20 minute summary of FHIR, I have ever seen.

 Kurt Dawn introduced FHIR Profiles, which is a very hot topic with InterSystems customers. He showed how you can import FHIR packages, which implement profiles, very easily into IRIS for Health.  Jeff Morgan's FHIR Implementation Patterns in IRIS for Health showed how you can use the FHIR server with productions and custom logic – something advanced developers will want to check out.


Keep learning  There's many more sessions I haven't mentioned; I encourage everyone to search for their topics of interest on the conference site - that way you see focus sessions across all the tracks, as well as demos in the demo zone and content from the resources session.

If you want to read the highlights and drill in from there, check out my own Day 1 and Day 2 summaries and those of our close partner J2, who've been publishing a great recap every day about their perspective (see J2's day1 focus session recap and day 2 focus session recap)

Ask the Experts is a great way to go deeper on any subject you want.  It's not too late to book a meeting with an expert or trainer for Oct 30th or Nov 2nd!   Also, next week is lab week - try the Experience Labs! You can register for Office Hours as well as On-Demand and Live Labs.


Thanks for participating in our first Virtual Summit!    Let us know what you thought, in any way you like, including posts in the comments below.

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