When we add a new class in VSCode, the name automatically is set to <Folder>.<Filename>.

Because we are doing interoperability, we remove the default and type "interop" to get assistance on creating the class. This works fine on some machines, however on others it generates:

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I recently moved to a Mac M2. I was already using VSCode on my intel-based Mac, and used the plug "objectscriptQuality for VSCode". It installs nicely, but it does not seem to do anything, not even an error. I installed the same java version (but ARM based) as on my old machine so that prerequisite is met. Also set the path to java in VSCode.

Any clues/has anyone got this working on a Mac based on Apple silicon M1/M2 chips?


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I am in a situation where my container is on UTC time (as is the host). But I need to send a datetime to a machine in a specific time zone. Various languages have constructs for doing that, sometimes you need a library

C#: var today = TimeZoneInfo. ConvertTimeFromUtc(timeUtc, easternZone);

python has the pytz library.

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A customer wants to process D93A edifact files, orders and invoice. Does anyone have .SEF files available or know how to get them, so we can easily process them with Ensemble? Otherwise we would either have to write a parser for the two message types, or create a SEF file.

Any advice is welcome on this,


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