Hi Adel!

Maybe it's not the answer to how to call the procedure from Python. But as soon as you have some ObjectScript code already you may want to try the way to call Python (pandas) from IRIS using Objectscript and transfer the data from your query to the python libraries and run it.

Python Gateway does the thing, here is the set of articles and also tagging @Eduard Lebedyuk and @Sergey Lukyanchikov to provide more details if any.


Hi Evgeny,

Thanks for your interest, and thanks @Sergey Lukyanchikov and @Eduard Lebedyuk for your work integrating QuickML into the larger ML Toolkit! QuickML is available for internal preview now, and we are encouraging InterSystems employees to experiment and try it out! Please contact me for details.

QuickML will be "GA" this quarter, Q1 2020. We will be reaching out very soon to the Developer Community for feedback and to get more beta testers -- stay tuned!

Hey Developers!

Do you want to reap the benefits of the advances in the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning? With InterSystems IRIS and the Machine Learning (ML) Toolkit it’s easier than ever.

Join InterSystems Sales Engineers, @Sergey Lukyanchikov and @Eduard Lebedyuk, for the Machine Learning Toolkit for InterSystems IRIS webinar on Tuesday, April 23rd at 11 a.m. EDT to find out how InterSystems IRIS can be used as both a standalone development platform and an orchestration tool for predictive modelling that helps stitch together Python and other external tools.

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