· Jan 22, 2020

ML Toolkit can now use IntegratedML

InterSystems IRIS ML Toolkit adds the power of InterSystems IntegratedML to further extend convergent scenario coverage into the area of automated feature and model type/parameter selection. The previous "manual" pipelines now collaborate within the same analytic process with "auto" pipelines that are based on automation frameworks, such as H2O.

Automated classification modeling in InterSystems IRIS ML Toolkit

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Thanks, passing cheers to QuickML developement team! We were using a Windows pre-release within 2019.4. Staying tuned to the GA news from the development team. On our end, we will include the new version of CAMPAIGN showcase (the one from the screenshot) on our community repos (public/private/internal) very soon, will update the documentation as well.

PS: the QuickML functionality being on its way to GA, we nevertheless could set up 1:1 info sessions with those that are interested in having an overview of how ML Toolkit functions and, specifically, how it allows to embed QuickML in analytic processes. If you are interested, please write us at

Hi Evgeny,

Thanks for your interest, and thanks @Sergey Lukyanchikov and @Eduard Lebedyuk for your work integrating QuickML into the larger ML Toolkit! QuickML is available for internal preview now, and we are encouraging InterSystems employees to experiment and try it out! Please contact me for details.

QuickML will be "GA" this quarter, Q1 2020. We will be reaching out very soon to the Developer Community for feedback and to get more beta testers -- stay tuned!