Anastasia Dyubaylo · Feb 26, 2021

New Video: AI+ML Summit Convergent Analytics - Healthcare Stream

Hi Community,

Enjoy watching the new session recording from the InterSystems AI+ML Summit 2021:

⏯ AI+ML Summit Convergent Analytics – Healthcare Stream

Start from looking at InterSystems IRIS as DevOps-embracing real-time AI/ML platform, continue by watching a demo of distributed AI/ML computations - a real-time AI/ML solution runs in IRIS and is being audited by an external Data Scientist whose IRIS instance receives a sanitized training dataset via Azure. Conclude by learning about a healthcare scenario for real-time AI/ML automated using IRIS. 

Useful links:

🗣  @Eduard Lebedyuk, Sales Engineer, InterSystems
🗣  @Sergey Lukyanchikov, Sales Engineer, InterSystems

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