Great news, congratulations!

P.S. Special thanks to Evgeny for pointing out to exactly WebTerminal's analytics class :)

Hello Matthew! Thank you for your feedback.

Indeed good point. One idea that comes to my mind for this case is to improve the import script to file the list of classes which were ever imported and those which are used now. By using this list the import script can resolve which classes to delete and which to keep. However, deleting classes can always introduce unwanted side effects, but in terms of a project this should be consistent.

Thanks Evgeny. I don't have a demo but you can find all the sufficient documentation and a smart contracts address within the link provided. We have a working smart contract and you can see some historical billing transactions there.

Nice job guys, looks great!

I've noticed you multiply estimated gas by 100 - why do you need this? Gas estimations calculated by providers can be inaccurate but they're always equal or higher than the actual gas price.

Can't wait to see your next article and the example you provide. In our case, we've implement recurring billing in Ethereum blockchain. If you're curious, you are welcome to read my article about recurring billing in blockchain or even try how this works.

Hi Mike!

When WebTerminal says “See You!”, it means that the server process normally exited. Which means that something prevents WebTerminal from running normally on the server or terminates WebSocket connection.

Try to delete WebTerminal classes and install it again into different clear namespace (like USER). Does it help?

So this is strange. Try installing some of my other projects like WebTerminal or Caché Visual Editor and check whether they have the same issue. If yes, double check your Caché security settings, and especially web apps and their privileges.


Does it have the same network configuration (any load balancers/firewalls/etc)?

Did you compile them in samples namespace as shown in webapp settings? Also are you sure that nothing unexpected is set up in front of Caché which can prevent normal routing (like load balancers/other routers)?