Evgeny Shvarov · Jun 9, 2019

InterSystems ObjectScript is Supported by GitHub

Hi Community!

I have very good news for the developers, who are using GitHub to host projects with InterSystems ObjectScript.  GitHub introduced the support of InterSystems ObjectScript this week!

How does it work?

Now all the .cls files in your repository are considered as InterSystems ObjectScript and highlighted according to the language rules of ObjectScript. For example WebTerminal, Samples-Data.

All the credits go to @Dmitry Maslennikov, who is developing VSCode ObjectScript module and code highlighting of VSCode and GitHub both use TextMate grammar. Dmitry had introduced the PR to Github Linguist which was reviewed by the GitHub community and has been recently approved.

So your repositories with cls will no longer go as strange Apex or TeX but as InterSystems ObjectScript.

Thanks, Dmitry!  Hope you'll provide the details on how ObjectScript is supported in GitHub.

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Great news, congratulations!

P.S. Special thanks to Evgeny for pointing out to exactly WebTerminal's analytics class :)

You are welcome, Nikita! This was pretty random but must admit that WebTerminal is a really popular app. And looking forward to seeing the commit to make the repo considered as InterSystems ObjectScript application ;)

I have published a little bit more details. And there you can find info, how to count and highlight the source of MAC, INT, INC files as well.