· May 22, 2019

ObjectScript Visual Editor github repo?


The app of the week is the 'ObjectScript Visual Editor'. 

It looks interesting but the GitHub ownload link[1] given on the InterSystems ObjectScript Visual Editor Open Exchange page[2] fails. 



Does anyone know the github url for download?



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Hello! Thank you for posting the question.

Thanks to @Francisco.López and @Eduard Lebedyuk for pointing out to the right place.

Indeed, there was a little mess with links and downloads: the information was spread across 3 repositories on GitHub. I moved all the stuff to intersystems-community repository, as well as added releases there. This repository can now be treated as the main repository of the project. Also, there is the releases page with the latest XMLs you can download for installing ObjectScript Visual Editor. This page is also linked in Open Exchange and the readme file.

Would love to hear your feedback! Thank you!

Nikita, the developer of this app.