Hi, Edward!

Here is the post about using Twilio

It’s about phone calls but Twilio provides services for SMS too.


Hi, Akio!

I bet there is no Caché Evaluation version on Mac, only Windows.

So if you want to run it on Mac - the virtual machine is your friend.

But I would suggest starting with new product InterSystems IRIS - you can get your sandbox here or on GCP.

Hi, Blaise!

For printing dashboards from IRIS analytics, I can recommend trying dsw-reports. 

It can print widgets from dashboards and send it in pdf on a schedule.

Hi Sean! Moved the discussion to the Other group.

4,800+ are the registered members, stats. We also have about 20,000 unique DC visitors monthly.

From them we have about 3,000 visitors who come directly to the site - so we can assume as "real" developers who reads/writes on DC daily. But this touches only the English world.  And not all of them know about DC. 

My evaluation is 10,000-15,000 developers worldwide.

E.g. last the IT Planet contest in Russia this year gathered 2,400 participants for InterSystems contest (mostly students). Should we count students as developers? Today maybe not, but tomorrow... 

Hi, Jaqueline!

Yes, sure, you can hide the header of the dashboard if you untroduce a "&embed=1" parameter after namespace in the URL.

e.g. like here

Hi, Scott!

It's obvious, but what about this?

^OSUWMCInstance = "TestClin"

^OSUMCLDAP("LDAPKey") = "/ensemble/"_^OSUWMCInstance_"/mgr/LDAPKeyStore/"

If you don’t use Studio, you can consider to try isc-dev tool, which is intended to simplify routine processes of import/export code, releases and patches.

Import it to e.g. USER and map to %All.

After that you’ll be able to import, export, release and patch in any namespace.

To work in a given namespace point the tool to a directory on the disk which contains repository in UDL or XML classes (preferablly UDL) with the following command:

d ##class(dev.code).workdir(“/work/github/myproject/src”)

Use following to import the code:

d ##class(dev.code).import()

To setup the mask introduce isc.json file into .../src folder with following content:





Call Init class to let dev.code use settings in the given namespace:

d ##class(dev.code).init()

After that you’ll be able to export all the project in one file with the release command:

d ##class(dev.code).release()

it will export all into one /mgr/database/myproject_release_ddmmyyy.xml file.

Once you commit your changes to git repo you’ll be able to have a patch release. Call

d ##class(dev.code).patch()

to get all the changed code into one patch release in /mgr/database/myproject_patch_ddmmyyyy.xml file.

To export all source code (including DeepSee staff)  in UDL and organized in folders call:

d ##class(dev.code).export()

And call compile method to compile everything in your project, but not the whole namespace:

d ##class(dev.code).compile()

One of the projects which is maintained with this util is dsw-map: classes, globals, DFIs, releases.