Nice clear description Benjamin.  This should be a big help for query performance.  It is such a common problem in support when we have to help customers deal with outliers.  Now the RTPC should do that work for them!

So there is a zip file attached to this article that contains a bunch of examples.  the Class Mapping.ChildPiece should be close to what you need.  the global for that class Parent Child looks like this:

/// ^Par(1)=Parent1\Child11#child12#child13
///      2)=Parent2\Child21#child22
///      3)=Parent3

and the mapping for the child is:

<SQLMap name="Map1">
<Data name="ChildData">
<Subscript name="1">
<Subscript name="2">
<Invalidcondition name="1">

If you can get your working let me know and I can make an example for your global.


Hi Limyandi

I am not a fan of creating List of Objects as it make it hard to query the data.  I would rather expose this data as a child class somehow so SQL can be used to look at the data.  I would look at doing something along the lines of what is in Mapping.ChildPiece.

But you ask for an ugly List of Lists so that is what I did. 

The Serial class is just a normal one:

Class Mapping.Address2 Extends %SerialObject [ ClassType = serial, ProcedureBlock ]

Property RoadName As %String(TRUNCATE = 1);

Property SuburbanName As %String(TRUNCATE = 1);

Property StreetNumber As %String(TRUNCATE = 1);

Storage Default
<Data name="Address2State">
<Value name="1">
<Value name="2">
<Value name="3">


Then for the Person class I needed to write Retrieval code that would get the different address out of the global and put them into the Nested $LIST() that the class is expecting.

Class Mapping.Person2 Extends %Persistent [ StorageStrategy = NewStorage1 ]
{ Property Name As %String;

Property Addresses As list Of Mapping.Address2;

Property Sub1 As %Integer;

Index Master On Sub1 [ IdKey ]; Storage NewStorage1
<SQLMap name="Map1">
<Data name="Addresses">
      set string=$P(^Person({L1}),"|",2)
      for i=1:1:$L(string,"^") {
           set address=$P(string,"^",i)
           set $LIST({*},i)=$LISTFROMSTRING(address,"~")
<Data name="Name">
<Subscript name="1">


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