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If you are defining a Parent-Child Relationship with Default Storage the global structure of the child with change from ^child(id) to ^child(parentid,id) so you will not see any of the old data, no hint will fix that issue, sorry.

If your current child data is valid and you want to keep it I would suggest defining a Foreign Key constraint with Cascade on Delete.  This will keep the global structure the same but let you enforce your relationship.

So there is a zip file attached to this article that contains a bunch of examples.  the Class Mapping.ChildPiece should be close to what you need.  the global for that class Parent Child looks like this:

/// ^Par(1)=Parent1\Child11#child12#child13
///      2)=Parent2\Child21#child22
///      3)=Parent3

and the mapping for the child is:

<SQLMap name="Map1">
<Data name="ChildData">
<Subscript name="1">
<Subscript name="2">
<Invalidcondition name="1">

If you can get your working let me know and I can make an example for your global.


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