· Jun 21, 2019

Avoid to exceed databases license limit in IRIS Community Edition

In a fresh IRIS Community Edition container if we create a new Database and after we create a new Namespace enabling it for interoperability then we will see the message "ERROR #68: the mounted database count exceeds license limit"

(as image):

Then when creating the mappings for the Namespace we get this error:



Any way to avoid the error?

And if the *SECONDARY database is not created and then the mapping is not completed there will be any problem?

Maybe will be desirable to let the users choose if they want to create the *SECONDARY Database or not

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Good, but if you create a new Database the problem still being the same. The only easy thing you can do is to enable interoperability for the namespace USER:

To create another database and enabling interoperability throws the same problem (exceeds databases license limit).

So, because IRIS CE is mainly thought for development and not for production I think a best practice is to enable interoperability USER by default.


In any case from my point of view this number or user databases limit for CE Edition is not well explained (specially to new people):

This the list of "user" databases (or not system databases) in the list of databases:

Into the red circle are 5 user databases. So in this case you can't create any more databases with IRIS CE license.

But the license counts ENSLIB as "user database" and is not true. This Database is needed to enable interoperability to any database. According to IRIS documentation:

ENSLIB — This is a read-only database contains additional code needed for InterSystems IRIS Interoperability features, specifically the ability to create productions, which integrate separate software systems. If you create a namespace that is interoperability-enabled, that namespace has access to the code in this database.

So keep in mind that the practical number of user databases for CE is 4.