Standard kits have been posted on the WRC. Version 2021.1 Build 215.3 for all platforms that the Community Edition supports. These kits have a build-in key and will not require the keys we posted.

The new keys are in the process of getting posted on the WRC. I will update here once they are available.

The advisory will be updated shortly and no longer list Caché Server Pages. Caché Server Pages are fully supported on InterSystems IRIS and C/E.

InterSystems will provide a list for both categories in a couple of weeks. We wanted to get the advisory out first. 

I am confused. The link above is for the IRIS for Health Community Edition. I would expect you get the IRIS for Health image. Please elaborate

Community kits (preview) for InterSystems IRIS and InterSystems IRIS for Health are now available from the Docker hub.

docker pull store/intersystems/iris-community:2019.4.0.379.0

docker pull store/intersystems/irishealth-community:2019.4.0.379.0