Mark, you can try it out by joining the Early Access Program. The PWS was provided for convenience only and can always be removed or replaced with a different web server. In the future IRIS will check if a local web server is present and can configure the instance during the installation to use that web server (IIS on Windows, Apache everywhere else). I am going to augment the primary post to include removal information. Hope this helps.

Community Edition: Connection and Core increase


The Community Edition is free, and the defined limits are making this possible. The community Edition is using the core-based license model (as opposed to a user-based license model). Core based licenses are not counting users and therefor do not enforce a maximum number of users. To maintain the free nature of the Community Edition InterSystems initially specified the following restrictions:


Max Number of concurrent connections:      5

Max Number of Cores:                                  8

Max Size of all databases:                            20GB (which includes system databases)


The Community Edition is a combination of a core-based and a single-user license. The single-user license is restricted to 5 concurrent connections.


InterSystems is in the process of increasing the limits to:


Max Number of concurrent connections:      8

Max Number of Cores:                                  20

Max Size of all databases:                            20GB (which includes system databases)


We will announce availability soon with 2022.2 as the target.


Community Edition: Licensing


InterSystems licenses are defined in the Terms and Conditions. The Terms and Conditions specify what the capabilities and the limitations for each license type are.

The license key applies limits of how the product can be used technically, but that is not the license (which is always defined by the Terms and Conditions). Not everything can be enforced as desired and sometimes historic reasons enforce higher values that today’s Terms and Conditions specify.


For regular user-based IRIS licenses, a license unit allows for multiple connections.  The technical maximum for concurrent connections per license unit is currently 25, but the Terms and Conditions set that limit to 12, which is the maximum number an application is allowed to use by default.