Thanks for all your questions and comments.    A bit more of an explanation:


    We’re reviewing our plans beyond Atelier 1.3 in order to radically improve the developer experience with InterSystems IRIS Data Platform. 

    We welcome your ideas and feedback, and invite private communication to ensure that our plans are sound.  


    In the meantime:

·        If you are using Studio and happy with it, keep using it.   We are maintaining it indefinitely and are happy that there are so many active developers and that the community has expert advice as well as add-on tools that work with Studio.

·        If you are using Atelier and happy with it, keep using it, and look forward to version 1.3.   We are also maintaining it indefinitely.  We've reached a milestone and have many users that are productive and effective with Atelier, including combining it with other Eclipse plug-ins.   

·        If you are starting work with a new development group, use Atelier.   Eclipse is familiar to millions of developers, and Atelier is more than sufficient to get the job done.  Consult with us on these projects as you get going, because there are some areas such as Ensemble productions where developers may want to use Studio or other tools along with Atelier.

After the release of Atelier 1.3, scheduled for late August, Atelier will only receive critical software corrections, no enhancements.

We don't want to allow the upgrade, because we now have a distinct kit fo Ubuntu, which requires some specific functionality which the SUSE kits not have or vice versa. I strongly recommend to make a fresh installation of Ubuntu, to make sure you have a clean set of components that fit together and will be consistent with future upgrades.

Hi Dmitry, the Atelier team has started to switch the Atelier release cycle to quarterly releases. Yearly released like we all observed between 1.0 and 1.1 are not helpful. Like so often when change is required there are wrinkles in time that will influence how quick this change will occur. We are experience this in the moment, but working diligently toward quarterly releases. InterSystems well established process is to report issues or enhancement request via the WRC. This will have to continue. The Atelier team is very careful and keenly aware that the prioritization of what gets done is important not only to InterSystems, but also to the users of Atelier. There are many strategic areas in which we need to succeed. I like the idea of public voting if appropriate and within a certain scope. We will introduce this in the future.

This is not an Atelier issue, but an issue of general concern. A system administrator might specify authentication but also allows for unauthenticated access. The instance will try to authenticate and if this fails will determine if there is another authentication option.


The authentication mechanism of unauthenticated was helpful at the time when it was created, but not anymore. It is too easy to leave a server wide open; something nobody can afford anymore. The minimal installation option will go away, and with it the default of having unauthenticated being enabled. Atelier is already based on the concept that all access to a server requires authentication.


Stay tuned for more changes in the area of product installation and install modes.

Hi Jorge,

Field Test keys are provided for ongoing field tests. They are not extended after the Field Test version has been released, and are only provided for this program.