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· Oct 10, 2019

Full kit versions of InterSystems IRIS and InterSystems IRIS for Health for Developers!

InterSystems is pleased to announce a new Developer Download site providing full kit versions of InterSystems IRIS Community Edition and InterSystems IRIS for Health Community Edition.   These are available free of charge for application development use.


You can download directly from the InterSystems Developer Community by selecting Download InterSystems IRIS.

Those instances include a free built-in 13-month license.  They are limited to 10GB of user data, will run on machines up to 8 cores, support 5 concurrent connections and are supported for application development. Available Platforms: RedHat, Ubuntu, SUSE, Windows and macOS.


InterSystems IRIS and InterSystems IRIS for Health are also available in container format from the Docker Hub.


Please check here for information on how to get started, visit the InterSystems IRIS Data Platform page and the InterSystems IRIS for Health page on our website to learn more about our products, and visit the Developer resource page to get deeper with development.


If you previously registered for an InterSystems Login account (e.g. for the Developer Community or WRC Direct), you can use those credentials to gain access to the Developer Download.

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Hi Angelo!

This is a very good question. But there are community versions in containers on docker:

image name are for InterSystems IRIS:


and for InterSystems IRIS for Health:


Check this template app to start using this immediately.


Thanks for your feedback!

In general, Developer Download always makes available the latest GA version of our two Community Edition products.  In this case we wanted to be able to launch by Global Summit and so we went with the Preview since 2019.1.1 kits were not full GA yet.  There are ongoing discussions about the pros/cons of making containers available here rather than people just fetching them directly from Docker.  We'll let you know the final decision!

I was just able to install IRIS on an Apple MacBook Pro, with Parallels and Windows 10 Pro.  I installed the current FOIA VistA with about 8.2 GB of data.  Everything worked good until getting to the Taskman and RPC Broker startup.  This has always been an issue with the developer version from Intersystems.  It's almost enough users to bring up Taskman.  Not nearly enough to bring up Taskman and the RPC Broker.

It's great to have IRIS Studio.  Everything seems just like Cache with a new name.  Thanks Intersystems.