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· Jun 16, 2021

Advisory: Discontinued Technologies and Features

June 16, 2021 - Advisory: Discontinued Technologies and Features

Note: A previous version of this advisory listed Caché Server Pages as a deprecated technology. Caché Server Pages is not deprecated and is fully supported.

From time to time, InterSystems discontinues development of a technology when newer and better options are available.  However, product support for these capabilities continues in the same way that it does for products beyond our Minimum Supported Version.

Deprecated designates a feature or technology that InterSystems no longer actively develops and for which better options exist. Deprecated items should not be used for new development. The deprecated designation indicates that customers should plan to eliminate use of the feature or technology. InterSystems maintains the staff expertise to support deprecated product capabilities.  Examples include Zen and Zen Reports.

Discontinued designates a feature or technology that is no longer viable for use, even in existing applications. InterSystems feels that continued use of such technology is a risk for our customers.  The reasons for this include but are not limited to: 

  • Usage has declined to a small number of customers.
  • The feature has become incompatible with current technologies or security practice.
  • Incompatibilities between the feature or technology and our current product implementation make application maintenance prohibitive.
  • The feature or technology depends on discontinued content from a third party.

Examples include DCP (Distributed Cache Protocol superseded by ECP), WebLink and Caché Direct (Visual M/VISM). Discontinued does not mean that the technology will be removed from the product.

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