I am trying to secure a rest service but I lack the understanding of how to achieve this if anyone will explain  in details how I could achieve the following:

Securing the REST SERVICE with SSL

my understanding is  I will need  to issue certificates to the client calling the service configure a SSL on the server have that on my configurations on the service settings and when the calling client calls my service ensemble will do it magic of the hand shake and verifying the caller correct me if am wrong and help me understand.

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Say I've been developing a web application that uses IRIS as the back end. I've been working on it with unauthenticated access. It's getting to the point where I would like to deploy it to users, but first I need to add authentication. Rather than using the default IRIS password authentication, I'd like users to sign in with my organization's Single Sign On, or some other popular identity provider like Google or GitHub. I've read that OpenID Connect is a common authentication standard, and it's supported by IRIS. What is the simplest way to get up and running?

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