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Hi everyone,


are you curious which topics we are going to cover at this year’s Global Summit? You have come to the right place! I will provide you with a sneak peek of what you can expect from the areas I am responsible for.

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In my previous posting about the new support in QEWD for JSON Web Token (JWT) support, I mentioned that it was a key step in enabling Micro-Service support in QEWD.  In this post I'll give some background to how they work and the thinking behind them.

If you haven't heard about Micro-Services and/or want to learn more, there's lots of information available if you do a Google Search.  Here's a good starting point:


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If you read my previous post that introduced QEWD Micro-Services, you're hopefully eager to learn how to use them.  So in this post I'll explain what you need to know in order to get started.

If you look in the QEWD repository, you'll find the folder: 


In my earlier post on JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) and QEWD I used this example application to explain how to use JWTs.  This example application also demonstrates how to set up a simple Micro-Service, in this case a service that handles user authentication.  So let me now delve into that aspect of the example application.

If you're wanting to use QEWD Micro-Services, you must also use JWTs - these provide the means by which the user's authentication and session can be cross-communicated and handled by multiple, discrete QEWD servers.  So, take a look at the startup file

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I have a very simple and from the book PubSub requirement

I get some data. I transform it to a Json text and publish it to a topic.

All the subscribers to that topic should get that json data . All my subscribers request message has one property

Property JSONData As %Text(MAXLEN = 100000)


- I have made the Domain, Subscibers and defined the targets for each subscriber depending on topic

- I have added an out of the box PubSub Operation too

- Where I am right now is that I have the json data and from my bp I call the pubsub op with the domain name, topic name and json.

It gives me back the list of subscribers and thats it. (This is also what documentation says)

But if we stop here than the basics of pubsub is compromised. The pubsub model should send messages to all its subscribers

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