Rob Tweed · May 15, 2020

Tutorial: Implementing REST APIs using QEWD MicroServices with Cache or IRIS on Windows

I've created a new repository that I will use for providing examples of various scenarios and use cases for QEWD

Initially it contains a example of a scenario I'm often asked about: a set of REST APIs, with JWT support, implemented as a set of QEWD MicroServices, each of which uses Cache or IRIS running on a Windows system.

What I've provided is a detailed, step-by-step guide (with detailed explanations) of how to set up such a system.

The example shows a use case of REST APIs to:

- authenticate / login

- thereafter use a set of CRUD APIs to create, get, edit and delete a simple Person record.

The example provides two alternative sets of API handler modules showing how the same CRUD APIs would be implemented for:

- an simple Cache/IRIS Person class; or

- an equivalent QEWD-JSdb persistent JSON Person document

The example also demonstrates how to make use of the JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) that are provided automatically by the QEWD MicroServices


When you get a QEWD instance up and running, be sure to try out the new qewd-monitor-adminui application that will be automatically installed, and in particular try out its super-cool QEWD-JSdb Node Inspector: a new way to visualise and explore/maintain the underlying Global Storage in your Cache or IRIS system!

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