· Apr 5, 2021

how to learn about cloud computing, containers, Kubernetes, microservices?

greetings Community!

InterSystems Learning Services is working to identify and create libraries of high-quality learning resources for third-party technologies, platforms, and systems that are part of, integrated with, or commonly used with InterSystems products and technologies. we don't create content for these ourselves, but want to support our clients, external and internal, in learning about them and how to use them.

if you have any suggestions or ideas for learning resources for one or more of the following subjects, generally or in relationship to InterSystems products, I would be very grateful if you'd send them to me at this could be a web page or online document, a video, an online course, or anything you think a learner is likely to benefit from. resources that helped you shorten your own learning curve are of great interest! (no need to cite obvious primary sources of online documentation like, and, but if there is useful supplementary documentation we may not know about, please link us up!)

beyond specific resources, any helpful comments are also very welcome. and please be on the lookout for similar queries from my colleagues.

thank you!

Bob Binstock


cloud computing




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Log in or sign up to continue is my #1 choice for pretty much all of the topics you mentioned. Materials there are good enough for any basic and intermediate level of certification.

For advanced/professional level courses I sometimes go for extra content. Examples here: for Pro and Speciality - level courses on AWS for k8s

Udemy would have some good materials too, but you need to be careful here... This platform would accept anyone who is willing to produce training videos, so the quality might vary. Look at the reviews and recommendations.