Hi Team,

This is very urgent can you please guide me to convert the date string to ISO format.

set date = "20240501144800-0500"

set result = $SYSTEM.SQL.Functions.TOTIMESTAMP(date, "YYYYMMDDHHMISS")

write result -> 2024-05-01T16:49:00:00+00:00

so here timezone is dropped off but i need that.

expected result -> 2024-05-01T16:49:00-05:00

Please help me here how i can convert in this format.

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After performing Concurrent External Backup and restarting the instance, if I want to perform an incremental backup of Concurrent External Backup again.

Should I redo the following steps?

  2.  Set x=$$BACKUP^DBACK("","E","Dirty external backup - incrementals must be applied.","","","")
  3. Set x=$$BACKUP^DBACK("","I","Nightly","test.bck","N","bck.log","QUIET","N","Y")
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