Renan Lourenco · Nov 18, 2022

Jupyter and IRIS - The Simple Version

There are several great articles in the community showing how to use Jupyter and InterSystems IRIS together, and I encourage you to check them out in the link at the end
Piyush Adhikari · Dec 11, 2022

Embedded Python and IRIS on Jupyter Notebook in a virtual environment

I am documenting a demo of InterSystems IRIS featuring Embedded Python and Jupyter Notebook deployed on the same container, and an Embedded Python application developed
Niyaz Khafizov · Aug 3, 2018

The way to launch Jupyter Notebook + Apache Spark + InterSystems IRIS

Hi all. Today we are going to install Jupyter Notebook and connect it to Apache Spark and InterSystems IRIS. Note: I have done the following on Ubuntu 18.04, Python 3.6.5
Eduard Lebedyuk · Jan 16, 2020

Python Gateway VI: Jupyter Notebook

you to browse and edit InterSystems IRIS BPL processes as jupyter notebooks. Note that currently default Python 3 executor is used. This extension assumes that annotations
Zhong Li · Jun 12, 2020

Python ODBC connection into IRIS database - 2nd quick note

Keywords: PyODBC, unixODBC, IRIS, IntegratedML, Jupyter Notebook, Python 3 Purpose A few months ago I touched on a brief note on "Python JDBC connection into IRIS
Nikita Mullin · Jun 1, 2020

How I added ObjectScript to Jupyter Notebooks

![ObjectScript Kernel Logo][ObjectScript Kernel Logo] [Jupyter Notebook]( is an interactive environment consisting of cells that allow executing code
Muhammad Waseem · Feb 22, 2022

Building IRIS Responsive dashboard with Python Flask Web Framework

View dashboard details along with interoperability events log and messages. Use of Python plotting from IRIS Use of Jupyter Notebook Introduction to Data Science
Zhong Li · Jan 27, 2020

Python JDBC connection into IRIS database - a quick note

Keywords: Python, JDBC, SQL, IRIS, Jupyter Notebook, Pandas, Numpy, and Machine Learning 1. Purpose This is another 5-minute simple note on invoking the IRIS JDBC driver via
Lucas Enard · Nov 29, 2022

Incredible CSV TO FHIR TO SQL TO JUPYTER - FHIR contest V2

. Today I present to you the V2 of my application, it can now transform CSV to FHIR to SQL to JUPYTER notebook. This is for me a really huge step in InterSystems technologies and I
Niyaz Khafizov · Oct 8, 2018

Record linkage using InterSystems IRIS, Apache Zeppelin, and Apache Spark

, Spark 2.1.1 Introduction In previous articles we have done the following: The way to launch Jupyter Notebook + Apache Spark + InterSystems IRIS Load a ML model
José Roberto Pereira · Dec 25, 2020

A notebook-inspired approach for IRIS Analytics

capabilities, with a custom notebook system - largelly inspired by Jupyter notebooks. With this project you can: * Create pivot tables for IRIS Analytics cubes and display
Sergey Lukyanchikov · Jul 22, 2021

InterSystems IRIS – the All-Purpose Universal Platform for Real-Time AI/ML

IRIS. It is clear that the new mechanism developed in such a manner will enjoy only a basic debugging (in particular, because Jupyter does not handle real-time data flows) – but we
Zhong Li · Jul 18, 2020

Save Pandas DataFrame into IRIS - a quick note

using this JDBC Jupyter Notebook to connect into the IRIS container. Test 1. Define a Python Function to emulate dataframe.to_sql() I ran this in a Notebook cell: def
Zhong Li · Mar 15, 2019

Run A Deep Learning Demo with Python3 Binding to HealthShare (Part II

Keywords: Jupyter Notebook, Tensorflow GPU, Keras, Deep Learning, MLP, and HealthShare 1. Purpose and Objectives In previous"Part I" we have set up a deep learning
Yuri Marx · Aug 8, 2022

Learning InterSystems by Developer Community Articles

How I added ObjectScript to Jupyter Notebooks IRIS on notebooks Welcome