· Jun 4, 2023

Announcing Jupyter Server Proxy for VS Code

For several years now Visual Studio Code has supported the notebook coding paradigm with a maturing UX and an API that is enabling a notebook extensions ecosystem to grow. One of the best-known notebook platforms is Jupyter Notebooks. A Microsoft team publishes an extension that allows VS Code to handle .ipynb notebook files. These can either work against a local Python environment or connect to a Jupyter Server, which typically hosts remote Python environments with beefier resources.

What if your InterSystems IRIS environments, whether local on your workstation or remote in your organization / cloud, could operate as Jupyter Servers? And not only for Embedded Python but also for ObjectScript and SQL

"If we build it, will they come?"

That's what this proof-of-concept extension is exploring.

You can read about it on Open Exchange, and install it via Marketplace or directly in VS Code by searching for 'iris jupyter'.

And for the next few days, if you're at Global Summit you're welcome to call by at the George James Software table and chat to me in person about it.

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