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Muhammad Waseem · May 1, 2023

Introduction to Jupyter Notebook

The Jupyter Notebook is an open source web application that can be used to create and share documents that contain live text, code, equations and visualizations
Robert Cemper · May 13, 2023

a virgin Jupyter-Notebook

Following one package from the last contest I met a strange problem.There was the requirement to install jupyter-notebookI work on Windows and there was some old Python
Renan Lourenco · Nov 18, 2022

Jupyter and IRIS - The Simple Version

There are several great articles in the community showing how to use Jupyter and InterSystems IRIS together, and I encourage you to check them out in the link at the end
John McBride · Nov 30, 2023

ObjectScript kernel for Jupyter notebooks?

Anybody know if there is a ObjectScript kernel for Jupyter? Would be kinda interesting to testing scripts, etc. And since we kinda have the language runtime in the VSCode ObjectScript extension I wonder if that could be utilized fora jupyter kernel?
Eduard Lebedyuk · Jan 16, 2020

Python Gateway VI: Jupyter Notebook

Part V: Execute function Part VI: Jupyter Notebook <-- you're here Part VII: Dynamic Gateway Part VIII: Proxy Gateway Part IX: Use cases and ML Toolkit Intro The Jupyter
Anastasia Dyubaylo · Jan 21, 2020

New Video: Python Gateway - Jupyter Support

Hi Community, New video, recorded by @Eduard.Lebedyuk, is available on InterSystems Developers YouTube: ⏯ Python Gateway: Jupyter Support - extended InterSystems
Nikita Mullin · Jun 1, 2020

How I added ObjectScript to Jupyter Notebooks

![ObjectScript Kernel Logo][ObjectScript Kernel Logo] [Jupyter Notebook]( is an interactive environment consisting of cells that allow executing code
John Murray · Jun 4, 2023

Announcing Jupyter Server Proxy for VS Code

of the best-known notebook platforms is Jupyter Notebooks. A Microsoft team publishes an extension that allows VS Code to handle .ipynb notebook files. These can either work against
Piyush Adhikari · Dec 11, 2022

Embedded Python and IRIS on Jupyter Notebook in a virtual environment

I am documenting a demo of InterSystems IRIS featuring Embedded Python and Jupyter Notebook deployed on the same container, and an Embedded Python application developed
Anastasia Dyubaylo · Dec 5, 2023

[Video] Using Embedded Python as a Jupyter Notebook Server

Hey Developers, Start watching the new video on InterSystems Developers YouTube: ⏯ Using Embedded Python as a Jupyter Notebook Server @ Global Summit 2023 Join us
Lucas Enard · Nov 29, 2022

Incredible CSV TO FHIR TO SQL TO JUPYTER - FHIR contest V2

. Today I present to you the V2 of my application, it can now transform CSV to FHIR to SQL to JUPYTER notebook. This is for me a really huge step in InterSystems technologies and I
Niyaz Khafizov · Aug 3, 2018

The way to launch Jupyter Notebook + Apache Spark + InterSystems IRIS

Hi all. Today we are going to install Jupyter Notebook and connect it to Apache Spark and InterSystems IRIS. Note: I have done the following on Ubuntu 18.04, Python 3.6.5
John Murray · Sep 21, 2023

Getting started with the Jupyter Server Proxy extension for VS Code

Earlier this year I announced availability of a VS Code extension for coding in ObjectScript, Embedded Python or SQL using the notebook paradigm popularized by Jupyter. Today I
Luis Angel Pérez Ramos · Feb 29

Testing Columnar Storage

) with columnar storage. Comparative To compare the time spent by column storage and row storage in different queries, we have created a small exercise using Jupyter Notebook
Eduard Lebedyuk · Sep 12, 2019

Python Gateway 0.8 release

annotations with variables which would be calculated on ObjectScript side before being passed to Python. **Jupyter support** - Jupyter can now be used to browse and edit