· Sep 12, 2019

Python Gateway 0.8 release

I'm happy to announce the latest Python Gateway release.

This is not an InterSystems product, it is community supported open source project.

Download new release from GitHub.

Now for the new features.

Fast transfer. Pass globals, classes and tables from InterSystems IRIS to Python with ease and speed (10x faster than old QueryExecute). Documentation.

Proxy Gateway allows generation of ObjectScript classes for Python classes. Instantinate objects, call object and class methods using familiar ObjectScript code (docs).

set module = "random"
set sc = ##class(
set sc = ##class(
write ##class(py.random).randint(1,100)

Annotation evaluation - business processes inheriting from now can use activity annotations with variables which would be calculated on ObjectScript side before being passed to Python.

Jupyter support - Jupyter can now be used to browse and edit Interoperability processes. Documentation.

Last but not least and thanks to Benjamin De Boe we added PMML support via allowing imports of predictive models from Python into InterSystems IRIS via PMML.

Installation instructions are available in Readme.

Update instructions (from v0.7):

  1. Load new code and library from GitHub.
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The Jupyter support is very exciting, adding a neat and highly appropriate mechanism for exposing IRIS-side concepts to a typical Python environment (Jupyter). This release is introducing a first taste of such an interaction, but we're very interested in learning from your experiences and ideas on making this even more effective at adding process control to your Python work. yes

Hi Ed!

Thanks for the release!

Tried to build container got the following:

Step 16/20 : COPY --chown=irisowner ./isc/ $SRC_DIR/isc
 ---> e49473814d17
Step 17/20 : COPY --chown=irisowner ./rtn/ $SRC_DIR/rtn
 ---> 12750dfbd0fa
Step 18/20 : COPY --chown=irisowner $ISC_PACKAGE_INSTALLDIR/bin/
ERROR: Service 'iris' failed to build: COPY failed: stat /var/l
ib/docker/tmp/docker-builder811746695/ no such file or directory

Could you please check?