Win Advent of Code 2018 and Get a Ticket to InterSystems Global Summit 2019!

Hi Everyone!

As you know Advent of Code 2018 is in full swing! Till the 25th of December 2018 each day 2 programming problems to sharpen your programming skills! 

And now we're ready to present great prizes for Members of InterSystems Global Masters Advocate Hub!

Win Conditions: To win our prize you should be on the top of ObjectScript Leaderboard and upload all the solutions in a public repository and present the code in InterSystems ObjectScript in UDL form. The example of the repo.


        → 1st Place: 10 000 points on Global Masters and FREE registration & hotel accommodation for the next InterSystems Global Summit 2019 [!!!]

        → 2nd Place: 5 000 points on Global Masters

        → 3rd Place: 3 000 points on Global Masters

Note: Don't forget to use our own InterSystems Leaderboard, with the code 130669-ab1f69bf or the direct link.

Good luck to all of you! yes


Hi Anastasia.

 I'd like to receive an invite to join Global Masters.

 Thank you.

What I have seen happen a few times allready is that people from our leaderboard just copy the solution from another person in another language and submit the results without having done any coding at all. 

For example day 7 
last solution to fill top 100: 00:30:52

fastest solution part1:    00:09:27
fastest solution part2(after doing part1): 00:03:34

Someone on our leaderboard got this:
solution part1: 00:39:16
solution part2: 00:00:13

He did the second part in 13 seconds while the fastest person on the leaderboard took 3 minutes and half to do it. The second solution took quite a bit of programming and the 100th player to finish star 2 needed allmost 10 minutes. Someone on our leaderboard: 13 seconds.

This means he just copied a solution from another player, put in answer 1, after that was accepted he inserted answer 2 and submitted again.

Clearly because a big price is involved people resort to playing unfairly.

I only see 2 ways to fix this:
- Remove players who have been caught cheating
- Let all people post their public repository on here and after each star rerquire them to push their solution to that repository.

This doesnt stop people from copying from other players in our competition but at least forces people to use Caché. Blantant copying will still be spotted because the code will resemble another competitors code. Also this will make it so that a copying person cant win the day anymore cause he will have to wait for at least one other caché player before he can start copying.

What are your thoughts on this?

Maybe we should even start the competition from the day where we are working on the new way.

Changing the rules during a competition is a very bad idea.
Participating in a game includes accepting the published and know rules.  Or run a different game.
Even my grand-children starting from 5 understand this.    

Hi Bert!

I think you are right twice. First, no one can stop cheating in the world and the second no one can win this contest with cheating. And of course no one can stop copy-n-paste in coding :) On the other hand, there is a chance to know something new even with copy-pasting.

As a community manager, I would love to see more open repositories with ObjectScript and I like what we had last year - the open discussion of Advent of Code problems solved with ObjectScript. Thanks for sharing your repo! 

Speaking about the prize it's clear that it can be interesting only to people who develop with InterSystems Data Platforms and I believe this is the key motivation to win.  

As we see it now the competition is active and healthy, we don't plan to change any rules but encourage the fair play.

Submitted code is not public by default.

Players get different inputs for puzzles.

All timings are calculated from the moment the puzzle is published, not the moment you start working on it.

Assuming fastest coder would publish the code, finding it and rewriting it is going to take time.

Moreover fastest solutions usually use, let's say, advanced language-specific concepts, so starting from scratch could often go even faster.