an overcomplicated solution:

Go() [] PUBLIC
    s cont = 0,pos = 1,lines = 0
    do {
        set line = $Text(Go+pos)
        set cont = cont + (($LENGTH(line,"{")-1)-($LENGTH(line,"}")-1))
        set lines = lines + 1
        set pos = pos + 1
    } while (cont > 0)
    s x=1
    if (x=1) a=}
    f i=0:1:lines $Text(Go+i),!
    s x=1
    if (x=1) a=}
    if (a=x) {

Yeah, question is, what will we do now?

In any case, thanks to everyone for sharing your code! It has been fun an educational!



I discovered that I'm no good at multi-tasking (surprise!)... Babysitting and coding is not an ideal combination



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