· Apr 6, 2020

Webinar: Introduction to VSCode-ObjectScript

Hi Community!

We are glad to invite every developer who uses ObjectSript and VSCode plugin to the upcoming "Introduction to VSCode-ObjectScript" webinar on April 14, 2020 at 11:00 EDT. 

Speaker: @Dmitry Maslennikov, InterSystems Developers Advocate, CTO at CaretDev.

You will learn how convenient the development process can be already right now and what we are going to do next to make it even better.

Please check the agenda below.

1. What is VSCode? 

- Installation

2. What is VSCode ObjectScript?

- Installation and setup

3. Dev process: 

- Starting IRIS
- Editing
- Compiling
- Debugging

4. Features: 

- Intellisense
- Documentation
- Goto-Definition
- Outline.

5. Other helpful Plugins:

- Docker
- GitHub Lens

6. What’s next?
7. Q&A

Webinar Resources:

We are waiting for you at our webinar!  


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OK, I installed VSCode together with the objectscript extension on my Linux. Now, I would like to play a little bit with this IDE, merlely for an VSCode beginner it's somewhat difficult. According to there is a  settings file, ".vscode/settings.json",  to make a connection to my  iris server...  I located a file  ".config/Code/User/settings.json". After entering the connection info -this works now. Question, how or where can I enter a second (or even more) Cache/Iris servers?  Next, created a short test routine and saved, but it's not compiled. How to compile it?

I have never used VSCode before, I work since beginning with the Cache-Studio (this means some 20 years or so) and other twenty years before with other editors. Is there somewhere a short tutorial or some other info? It seems, I will need some time to catch this "modern" stuff ;-)

Thank you.

Thank you guys for coming to our first webinar! Wow! I did not expect that there will be more than 80 participants! Thank you for your interest and support.
We will make more overview webinars further on. But if you want to dive deeper you can sign up for our online course!
The first 3 subscribers will get 50% off the price!!

Fill free to post any issues with VSCode-ObjectScript you faced here

Hey Developers!

Now this webinar recording is available on InterSystems Developers YouTube Channel:
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Enjoy watching this video! 

And bid applause to @Dmitry Maslennikov! 👏🏼

VS studio , with Hebrew Fonts also.

1. I use visual studio 2015 - microsoft for MS projects

it handle correctly Hebrew Language fonts.

2. the current ObjectScript studio (from cube), cannot handle correctly the Hebrew language(RTL) ?

what option you can advice for me:

1. enable to correct the Hebrew Font in intersystems Studio , so it will look ok ?

or :

2. add plugin IRIS (cache) to MS VS-2015 , so I can use Object script  Code, additional to all Existing Code (C++,C#, javascript...)

installing another VS Code, I think can harm the VS2015