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extreme types , C# .net project <-> cache :

1. stream ,

can I use C# stream and setting it in Cache stream , any doc about or code example ?

2.C# ArraySegment to cache (2018.4) "array" or ^global ?

3. C# byte[] , as I mentioned above, is not working Cache as byte stream, maybe it's implemented as string settings.

4. from C# , call cache procedure , working ok,

but I did not found, how to get back an argument(or more than one) byRef ?

something like :

XTPcon.CallMyProc(proc,method,arg1, arg2, .BackVal1, .BackVal2)

no docs about

byte[] myByte....


if I set data from Image (or Bitmap)  in byte[] array , it will be set correctly in : node.Set(myByte) ?

got error, in C# project :

InterSystems.Globals.GlobalsException: 'NodeReference.setBytesImpl: Array exceeds maximum length 3641144

1. I tried the open socket script,  you wrote, and it works OK. I want to send some string messages on the opened socket,

how I do it ?

I have to add on each "MyMessage" string some header before ?

can you write exact script how I implement using send message(s), and handle get response on each


did not find any docs about

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