· Mar 24, 2021 1m read

Problem with docker-compose


  • Windows 10
  • Docker Desktop version v20.10.5

Since last update  of Docker Desktop (~ 2 weeks) I get this error message running docker-compose build

C:\GitHub\zme>docker-compose build
Building iris
failed to get console mode for stdout: The handle is invalid.

The protocol of build is somehow scrambled and not so useful.

Searching up & down the web I finally found a simple workaround to solve the problem.


Now the protocol is the same as I used to have and you can follow it with no problems

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Hey! I had the same issue. Apparently, this is an ongoing Issue with compose:

Someone there posted a workaround for VSCode. So, in addition to your workaround, you could add this to your settings.json in VSCode (Same workaround, different environment)

    "": {