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Meet the Global Masters Winners for June 2022!

It's time to announce the Winners for June! Please welcome our awesome Global Masters Heroes!

The storm of applause goes to these developers and their great contribution to DC in June:

🥇 @Danny WijnschenkApplication Developer/Owner, Winfo, Belgium

🥈 @Lorenzo Scalese, Solution Architect, Zorgi, Belgium

🥉 @YURI MARX GOMESSoftware Architect, YM Services, Brazil

🥉 @Robert Cemperex Senior Sales Engineer from InterSystems, Austria

 Learn more about the competition and our awesome winners below.

About @Danny Wijnschenk

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  • 🏅 Gold Master of Answers Badge for 50 accepted answers on DC (wow 🤩)
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🤩 Congratulations, Danny! 

Danny started working with InterSystems technology since he graduated (1986, more than 30 years ago!). Developed in all the Mumps/M versions (DSM, ISM, M/SQL, MSM, DTM) and since 1997 in Caché. "I cannot imagine using any other technology any more" - says Danny.
Here is Danny's story in his own words:
"I started my career as developer in a software company, created my own company and quickly did consultancy work for InterSystems as Sales Engineer. After 10 years, I left InterSystems, came back as Sales Engineer, and left again after 6 years to continue working as independant developer. (InterSystems and its Technology is like Hotel California : “You can check-out any time you like But you can never leave!” ).
Sales Engineer at InterSystems is the coolest job in the world, I can recommend it to anyone. (But working for your own company is not bad either)
Today, my typical application solution consists of Caché/IRIS as the database platform, with Angular/Vue.js as the front end UI, using REST to communicate with Caché/IRIS. I also have a lot of experience using iKnow, with some very big installations using it.

I live in Belgium, in a small town called Hoegaarden, where they make lots of beer (like in any town in Belgium). Its in the countryside between potato and sugarbeet fields (its my excuse to never wash my car!).

My time is divided between working (as independant developer its hard to resist all the bugs that are waiting for me), my dog (a big German Sheppard, officially employed by my company as CSO - Chief Security Officer - but some people believe the S stands for the stuff he leaves behind) and my family. (order is random … i think)
I like to read (especially mixed fiction/history novels from authors like Steve Berry, James Rollins, Dan Brown,…) and to travel to as much countries i possible can.

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About @Lorenzo Scalese

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Congratulations! 🥳

Read Lorenzo's bio in this post.

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  • 📝  3 posts and 4 comments on DC
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 Thank you and congratulations, Yuri! 🌟

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About @Robert Cemper  

🤩 Congratulations, Robert! 

Robert C. Cemper is an ex Senior Sales Engineer from InterSystems in Darmstadt. He has been 45 years in this profession and worked for more than 12 years directly for InterSystems. Personal mission statement: "For an engineer ‘IMPOSSIBLE’ doesn’t exist"

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Congrats to the winners, and THANK YOU for your contribution to the D.C. and G.M. :)

thanks Community