· Sep 9, 2021

Meet the Global Masters Winners for August!

Hi Developers,

It's time to announce the Winners for August 2021! Please welcome our awesome Global Masters Heroes!

The storm of applause goes to these developers and their great contribution to DC in August 2021:

🥇  @Sergey MikhailenkoChief Specialist, AO Mosvodokanal, Russia

🥈  @YURI MARX GOMESSoftware Architect, YM Services, Brazi

🥉 @Nigel SalmSenior Systems Architect at Health System Technologies, South Africa


Learn more about the competition and our awesome winners below.

About @Sergey Mikhailenko


Sergey is the Winner with earned "Post 10 Blogger" badge for 10 articles on DC (with 1 new in Aug21), 5 fixed bugs for projects on the Open Exchange and 8 Pull Requests for the Open Exchange apps.

Thank you, Sergey!

Sergey is a Chief Specialist at AO Mosvodokanal. He has been in the profession since 1986 and began to program in Diams (Russian analog of DSM) on PDP11, then MSM. He's been working with InterSystems technology since 1998 (more than 20 years!).

"In my career, I have consistently applied the MUMPS technology in my projects. I am currently a full stack developer".

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Yuri is the Winner with 2 new posts, 6 comments, 1 new application on Open Exchange, and Silver Open Exchange Developer Badge for 10 Apps on Open Exchange.

Thank you for your awesome contribution, Yuri!

Yuri is a Software Architect, YM Services.

Yuri’s been working in IT for 22 years, 4 years with InterSystems technology. Key areas of expertise: InterSystems IRIS, Software Architecture, SOA, BPM, Java, REST API, Frontend and Backend development and Data Privacy.

And here are some words from Yuri himself:

– I have 26 technical certifications (Java, SOA School, Oracle, IBM, OMG, DPO, ITIL, COBIT) and now I’m studying to get IRIS certification.

In 2018, I founded two startups, IA Solutions and Visum Consult. First, has a product named ShelockIA, working with facial recognition and machine learning to promote smart cities to the public sector and commercial intelligence to the private sector (working to embed IntegratedML).

Last, Visum Consult has a product called DPO Center to manage data privacy programs into LGPD/GDPR initiatives (IRIS used here).

My products are developed using the same InterSystems IRIS best practices: open patterns and architecture, end-to-end with multimodel database, BI, AI, ESB and great frontend/backend building blocks.

In my personal company, YM Services, I am Senior Software Architect Advisor to Engie and Banpara.

The photo above was taken in 2018 when I started to work with IRIS and visited InterSystems HQ. Carlos Nogueira and Alexandre Tunes (ISC Head Brazil) introduced me to @Evgeny Shvarov, but my limited English did not allow me to enjoy the opportunity. Now with DC, I’m sure that I will enjoy it, and making great friends, and learn a lot.

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About @Nigel Salm


Nigel made 3 posts, 14 comments on DC,  and got the Silver Master of Answers badge for 25 accepted answers on DC  🎓. Thank you for your contribution and help to other participants of our community, Nigel!  

"I have been a MUMPS, Cache, Ensemble and now IRIS developer for 35 years and for almost 20 of those years I worked for InterSystems.

I loved th technology from the moment I learnt it back in 1985 and it has been wonderful seeing InterSystems not only survive but positively thrive. I have had the excitement of being involved in almost all of the significant technology leaps the company has made over the years and have worked with some of the best developers I have ever met.

At the moment I am fascinated by the potential of Python, R, Julia, IRIS Analytics. I get a lot of satisfaction when I am able to assist a customer by suggesting a solution to a problem they have encountered right through to watching a company completely redesign the front end UI as they moved from Green Screen to Windows and Windows to Web. I love teaching people who want to learn.

At the moment I am building an Adeept PiCar Pro Robot which satisfies my one hobby of model making and will be a great learning ground for developing my Python skills.

I love mathematics and have been reading “Essential Math for Data Science” which comes with the Python code for all of the examples in the book.

I have two Raspberry Pi’s with another two on the way. This is another learning curve as I have spent most of my career developing on Windows even if my applications have been deployed on Linux and I have not worked with Docker before so I think I have about 3 years of knowledge I need to master."


" I have quite a few hobbies but the two that stand out are gardening and in particular growing Orchids. Here are some pictures of orchids I have grown and have been rewarded with stunning flowers. My Orchid Greenhouse/Bathroom at my guesthouse in Johannesburg:


My other hobby is Painting and making craftwork. Below is a Pen and Ink bizarre picture of a Cat and landscape:


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Thanks to all the winners for your constant great contribution to InterSystems Developer Community! 

Let's congratulate our Heroes in the comments below!

About Global Master of the Month competition on Global Masters Advocate Hub: we nominate advocates every month who have gone the extra mile by being highly engaged in the Global Masters and Developer Community. Winners get 1000 points and a special badge. We also offer for winners to publish their bio – now in the article on the Developer Community! 

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