Evan Gabhart · Feb 6

Jumping to line using tag + offset in VS Code

How would one jump to a particular line by typing a tag and adding an offset in VS Code (zMethodName + n)? I know this can be done in Studio and would be particularly helpful for debugging error messages.

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Here's a quick example. In short:

  • View Other
  • Click in the document
  • Click the thing that shows up in the bottom status bar
  • Enter routine + offset (e.g., copy/paste from error message) and hit enter.

It would be nice if this was available via quick pick based on the isfs context (including the routine, not just the tag+offset).

Sounds like a good enhancement request.

I'd place this as a embedded link (like debug and copy invocation) but above the classname, like "goto line" - you click it, place the copied debug string and it goes to the line. And opens "Other code" in neighbor window if needed.

It would be nice if this was not be hidden when View -> Output panel is visible.

somewhat related, I commonly used in the past in IRIS Studio CRTL-G (goto) to jump to an entity within a class or routine.  This dialog 

allow you to goto either a Line Number or Tag or Label.

I wanted to be able to do the same in VS Code and found by looking at

in VS Code you can use CTRL-SHIFT-O.

This isn't exactly your question but the link to the shortcuts is useful and for me, CTRL-SHIFT-O is what I was looking for as I wanted to jump around without using my mouse.