Without additional details it may be hard to tell for certain.  If it's an issue on Cache side you might consider using $Sequence in your storage model

$SEQUENCE provides a fast way for multiple processes to obtain unique (non-duplicate) integer indices for the same global variable. For each process, $SEQUENCE allocates a sequence (range) of integer values. $SEQUENCE uses this allocated sequence to assign a value to gvar and returns this gvar value. Subsequent calls to $SEQUENCE increment to the next value in the allocated sequence for that process. When a process consumes all of the integer values in its allocated sequence, its next call to $SEQUENCE automatically allocates a new sequence of integer values. $SEQUENCE automatically determines the size of the sequence of integer values to allocate. It determines the size of the allocated sequence separately for each sequence allocation. In some cases, this allocated sequence may be a single integer.

$SEQUENCE is intended to be used when multiple processes concurrently increment the same global. $SEQUENCE allocates to each concurrent process a unique range of values for the gvar global. Each process can then call $SEQUENCE to assign sequential values from its allocated range of values.

In your class definition within the you could consider changing the IdFunction from the default which is Increment to sequence

but again more detail is needed.

The class query EnumerateCategories in Ens.Config.Production should provide what you are looking for.

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