· Oct 2, 2023

InterSystems Ideas News #8

Hey Community!

Welcome to the 8th edition of the InterSystems Ideas news bulletin! Here's what you can expect from it:

​​​​✓ New video describing all pages of the Ideas Portal  

✓ Ideas implemented since the previous news bulletin

⏯Watch the video: Joint the Hall of Fame
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 Ideas Portal contains, in addition to the "Ideas" page, 4 new pages:

  • Portal Guide
  • News
  • Polls 
  • Hall of Fame

Check them out to always be up to date about what's going on on Ideas Portal

 Since the launch of the Ideas Portal, 24 of the ideas have already been implemented by the Community members. And 6 of them were realized during the last 3 months: 

👏 Thank you for implementing and posting these ideas 👏

Stay tuned to read our next announcements!

In the meantime post your brilliant ideas, vote for existing ideas, and comment on them on our InterSystems Ideas Portal!

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